Katella is winding down on Nov 8th
Katella - AI Powered Github, Jira, Pivotal, GCal, Outlook


Katella | the intelligent virtual assistant for your team

Using Natural Language Understanding, Katella allows you to connect and transact with your Enterprise apps, all through simple voice or text
Go to Outlook / GCal

Outlook / GCal

Receive a Daily Glance that organizes your meetings, attendees, and outstanding tasks.

Go to Github


Improve review times by being notified about stories that need your attention.


Manage Jiras, track your Sprints & collaborate effectively within Slack

Pivotal Tracker

Improve cycle times by being notified about blocked or stuck stories.

Go to BambooHR


Access Org Chart and detail employee information

Go to Namely


Search for employee’s information and team’s metrics

Knowledge Base

share notes and articles with your entire team

And more…

Katella seamlessly weaves in other helpful applications to help you do more, & stay on task.

Enhance Team Collaboration

Your Personal Assistant

Katella works with these messaging platforms

No manual or training needed - just start typing. Your team members can be productive immediately.
Google Assistant
Hey Google, ask Katella AI to ...
  • Katella works on Google Home and Google Assistant
  • Accessing Katella hand-free or on-the-go by mentioning "ask Katella AI to ...".