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Katella Platform
Democratizing Natural Language Understanding
Use our UI to train intents, configure custom Name Entities, and build workflows for full-featured skills, without prior NLP or AI knowledge
  • Intent Recognition
  • Our in-house NLP engine was trained with Enterprise lingos and can accurately determine user’s intention, from getting a worker’s supervisor to scheduling a meeting to looking up a help desk ticket.
Name Entity Extraction
  • Automatically extract Name Entities like workers, locations, emails, date, time, ...
  • Build custom Name Entities that sync to remote APIs, ensuring your data is always up-to-date
Build-your-own Skill
  • It’s as easy as entering a few sample sentences, annotating your custom Name Entities, and wiring up your services using our API Platform.
  • Our Expression Language ensures non-developers can create full-featured skills, with built-in error handlings, loops and conditional statements.
API Platform
Our UI enables your skills to transact with your Enterprise APIs through powerful Expression Language. There is no coding, servers to deploy, nor infrastructure to maintain.
Connectors to popular Enterprise APIs
  • Built-in connectors to popular APIs, or create your own connectors with OAuth1, OAuth2, or API Token in five minutes.
  • Use our Expression Language to process API outputs and craft detailed user responses.
Chain skills together effortlessly
  • Our Pub/Sub framework allows skills to be chained and executed in conjunction, greatly simplify your workflow.
  • for ex, Taking Time Off with Workday may trigger Google Calendar to update out-of-office auto-reply, and Slack to update its status to out-of-office.
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